Class Tracker Planner 18-19 Review

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Last year’s review HERE

I’m very excited to write this post for you guys. It’s officially back to school season and with that comes lots of work and responsibility. A planner is an essential for every student. If you’re looking for a great planner that can help you reach your goals and stay on top of your assignments, then the Class Tracker planner is the planner for you.


*THANK YOU to Lesley Martin creator of the Class Tracker planner for generously sending me this complimentary planner to review. All comments included in this post are my own and honest opinion*



The planner has a minimal design that’s comfortable and pleasant to look at. They come in a variety of colors: violet, sea foam (a light blue), navy, coral, black, and a wave design that you can color in. The planner also comes with clear poly covers on the front and back for durability.  The Class Tracker planner is slim which is great for carrying it with you.



A monthly calendar is a must for every planner. It’s always helpful to have a widespread. It can give you an idea on they days you’ll be the busiest and help increase your productivity.  This is the best space to record tests, projects, meetings, and other important items.



The Class Tracker planner has gotten a makeover this year. It comes with a new section to record your  “daily plan”. I personally enjoy the addition of this section. This can be a place where you can record extracurricular activities or create a plan of action to complete your tasks. Like last year’s planner, there’s still a section for exams and due dates, reminders, and a to-do list where you can write a little task preview of the upcoming week.


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There is also spread where you can jot down your schedule and achievement/habit goals.



There’s extra pages at the end of the planner for notes.



Monthly tabs and a page marker are also available for purchase on the Class Tracker website.


Let me finish this post by saying that I really like this planner and genuinely recommend it. It’s got everything you need to be successful in school whether that be high school or college. It’s simple and functional. The Class Tracker planner is a great tool for success.


More about the Class Tracker Planner Below

Where to buy:

Facebook page:

Twitter page: or @myclasstracker



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